Souvenir d'Italie
Greetings from Italy
Souvenir is an object that, thanks to its flexible structure, can assume different shapes and functions. It can be a comfortable chair, a table, a bed, a curtain. The project comes out from the need to create “forms” which can drive us to the variety of contemporary life habits. The design evokes the postcards that are on the stands and which, entering in our houses in such a new design, bring us back to events related to daily life.


Single mattress:
width 160 cm - depth 80 cm - height 10 cm


Stuffed with neoprene and microfiber printed fabric

Design by

Alessandra Taravacci

Pictures by

Pino Settanni

“Our projects are inspired by principles that combine poetry and pragmatism, summarizing the aesthetic research and the necessary functionality within the object itself”  (Pino Settanni)