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      L1 Table


      • Plan 240 cm x 120 cm
      • Height 73 cm


      • Pine marine plywood
      • A thin layer of iron on request
      • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
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      L1 is an in-motion object of furnishing, expressing a dynamic and changing design, modifying its aspect and shape according to the feeling of who “lives the object”.

      L1 Fishbone table is made of Pine marine plywood. This kind of wood, thanks to its particular composition, is characterised by high mechanical durable properties and a favourable weight/performances ratio.

      L1 is coated with a thin layer of iron. At the same time, the choice of this material represents an innovative and sustainable solution, also from a perceptual and aesthetic point of view, because of its expressive potential in a context involving new industrial technologies.

      L1 is a table oddly shaped, with two different interpretations: “the use and the evocation” made of materials from recycling and likewise “marine” processes.


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