Her name literally means “the beautiful woman who just arrived”
The ring allows you to wear the most beautiful Egyptian queen, whose name means “the beautiful woman who just arrived”.
Its design shows a great attention to details: it is perfect to wear for any special event.
The ring Nefertiti is truly able to connect the natural feminine beauty to the goddess within.
It is well-finished, smooth, stylish and easy to clean.
The fine materials have been crafted in Italy by the most expert artisans.

The ring is availble in the ``colours of Ancient Egypt``

It represents the underground world and the process of Resurrection with connections also to fertility the symbol of fertility and life. This connection was due to the wealth of black slime that was spreading in the annual Nile’s flood, which contributed vastly to their crop growths. The colour of slime became the actual name of Egypt: the country was so called “Kemet” (black land).

It represents the colour of life and victory. During celebrations, ancient Egyptians used to paint their body with red ocher and wore cornelian cherry’s amulets, a dark red stone. Seth, the God who was at the bow of the Sun’s boat and killed the snake Apep, had eyes and hair red in colour.

It is related to both the sun and the yellow gold that represent the immortality, eternity and indestructibly.

diam. 12 mm / 15 mm / 18 mm

Versions: Gold plated Brass - Ruthenium plated Brass - ABS black - ABS red

Alessandra Taravacci and Giovanni Di Vito

Produced by
Vitruvio Design (Italy)

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