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      Roma03 800x600

      Apartment in Rome (Italy)

      “Roman weft”

      Objectives of the intervention:

      My first thought was to respect the architecture and the style of the historic district, bringing, in the choice of furniture, fabrics, accessories and colors, and much more the ideas that identify and characterize my work.

      The result is a project that starts from the renewed interpretation of the forms of the past told through evocative spaces, correspondences and contrasting presences, in which warm colors, antique furniture and certain decorative details are the mirror of my desire for narration.

      01 copia 1200x800

      Apartment in Rome (Italy)

      Eclectic house

      Objectives of the intervention:

      The term “eclecticism” indicates the attitude of those who choose, in different doctrines, what is similar and try to harmonize it into a new synthesis. This approach has been applied to this project in order to obtain spaces where different styles and functions coexist.

      The result is a project that highlights the objects of design as well as the antique pieces of furniture, using a palette of neutral colors applied to the walls.

      a-TA Design - Roma v.3_1 Living Room-173 trasparente

      Flat on Aventino Hill

      Objectives of the intervention:

      A French style design (respecting the requests of customers’ French origins): this intervention is characterized by light tones on the walls, custom designed wardrobes and windows.
      Studio Medicina Estetica_ATA_Design-1g1200x800

      Aesthetic medicine studio

      Objectives of the intervention:

      What do you expect to find in an aesthetic medicine lab? This is the question I started from to face the restyling project of this location.
      Beauty, hospitality, cleanliness and harmony of colors, which suggest the idea of a “new spring”, were the answers that I felt could contribute to design an environment conducive to well-being and health.
      In addition, I have chosen to place these colors on different juxtaposed levels to highlight the pure and primitive work of Damien Dufresne and the discreet and attractive charm of Guillaume Girardot photographers.
      Casa e colore 1 - Ingresso

      House and colours

      Objectives of the intervention:

      My husband and I want our home to be airy and bright …
      This was the request I received to re-design the interiors for this apartment.
      Fresh and airy colours, large windows and open bookcases made it possible to extend the space and instill a new personality.
      Casa in campagna 1


      Objectives of the intervention:

      A house which communicates directly with the exterior through the natural colors of the walls and the furnishings, the tone of the fireplace that refers to that of the tiles on the roofs of the surrounding houses and some wallpaper with tree motifs that give personality to the bedrooms.
      1 a-TA Design - Roma Nomentano sala 5 850x850

      Apartment in Rome (Italy)

      “Everything in its place”

      Objectives of the intervention:

      A house full of memories, which talks about travels, artworks and books.
      The goal of the project was to find a place for everything and everything in its place.
      Catherine10 800x600

      Apartment in Place Sainte-Catherine (Bruxelles - Belgium)

      Loft of 50 square meters

      Objectives of the intervention:

      Realization in 50 square meters of:

      • “Open” living space with kitchenette
      • Bedroom (on the mezzanine)
      • Bathroom
      • Dressing room
      • Storeroom (on the mezzanine)
      maison de maître arredo e materiali1

      Maison de maître in Bruxelles (Belgium)

      Maison on three levels

      Objectives of the intervention:

      Redevelopment of the entire building enhancing the original decorations


      Villa in the Park of Veio (Rome - Italy)

      Villa of 200 square meters on 3 levels

      Objectives of the intervention:

      • Create an “open” living space to facilitate the connection between the kitchen area and the hall (ground floor)
      • Create an area where you can enter a bathroom, a dressing room for guests and a pantry
      • Provide a floor entirely dedicated to the children with the studying / playing area, the sleeping area and the bathroom (garden floor)
      • Use of colors in the shades of gray both for floors and walls to bring out the furniture and the “materic” coating
      • Separate the bathroom fixture from the bathroom hall area (first floor)

      Villa in the park of Circeo (Latina - Italy)

      Dynamic geometries”: 250 square meters villa with park in the Circeo area

      Objectives of the intervention:

      • Emphasize the structural geometries already existing in the villa
      • Contemporaneity of the style
      • Characterization of setting with natural materials and colors
      • Contextualize the villa in the external environment

      Villa in Puglia (Italy)

      House among the olive trees” (San Vito dei Normanni area): design of a 270 square meters villa and a swimming pool in an area with existing park with olive trees

      Objectives of the intervention:

      Realization of a composition of elementary cubes (respecting the essential geometries of the houses already built in the area) of about 9 x 9 square meters, arranged to compose the figure of an “L”, in which a main veranda is enclosed and a second one serves only one of the three cubes

      Casa in Prati03 960x600

      Apartment in Prati district (Rome - Italy)

      180 square meters apartment on the top floor with terrace and view of Rome

      Objectives of the intervention:

      • Connect the outdoor areas to the interior of the house
      • Create enveloping spaces
      • Use of warm colors
      • Insertion of “transparent” pieces of furniture so that the light can cross the entire house

      Liberty Villa in Brussels (BELGIUM)

      Villa of 210 square meters (on three levels) with garden: intervention on the entrance, the double living room and the last floor as a new suite

      Objectives of the intervention:

      • Make the entrance brighter and more welcoming with stuccowork and small pieces of furniture in style with the Liberty architecture of the villa
      • Insertion of a non-invasive separation element between the entrance and the stairway
      • Create bookcases that surround the already existing chimneys
      • Restructuring in a contemporary mood the last floor for an independent suite
      • Create a kitchen, a hall, a bathroom and a mezzanine area for the bedroom
      EUR getsuen 800x600

      Apartment in the EUR district (Rome - Italy)

      90 square meters apartment overlooking the park of the neighborhood

      Objectives of the intervention:

      • Characterization of the various spaces by intervening with light, materials (natural) and colors
      • Relate the interior of the house to the outside
      • Make each room functional by inserting bookcases in the living area and “invisible” wardrobes in the corridors and the service areas
      Appia antica1 800x600

      Villa in the Appian Way (Via Appia Antica) (Rome - Italy)

      Villa of 190 square meters with garden. Intervention on the living room, the mezzanino, the room and the private bathroom of the child

      Objectives of the intervention:

      • Evoke the architecture of ancient Rome with contemporary structural elements
      • Separate the living room area from the kitchen area with a non-invasive wall
      • Create a “nest” for the child by inserting pieces of furniture that recall nature

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