dì-Vano di eVa
A new way of sitting
dì-Vano di eVa is a table, a bed and a series of poufs which fitted together let you see again the original picture: a big puzzle.
An object which can be assembled as needed, to create different designs and configurations, providing the environment with a dynamic and plastic mark.
dì-Vano di eVa is, in the same time, a versatile “open project” and a basic shape.
It can be used in your house but is also compatible with public and open spaces, or in representative places.


small dì-Vano: Width 180 cm - Depth 180 cm - Height 40 cm
big dì-Vano: Width 360 cm - Depth 180 cm - Height 40 cm


Wooden frame, padding in neoprene foam and microfiber fabric
It is suitable for indoor use only

Design by

Alessandra Taravacci and Pino Settanni. It had its national preview during veDrò 2011

Produced by


“Our projects are inspired by principles that combine poetry and pragmatism, summarizing the aesthetic research and the necessary functionality within the object itself”  (Pino Settanni)

VIDEO presentation