Cement Bag
300 KG of design...
The production of a very important element for building, cement, is decreasing because of construction industry and infrastructure building crisis.
However, the cement crisis might as well originate a new town planning policy avoiding the huge attack against the territory occurred for years on end; the new policy should be based on new zero-impact solutions and should regard houses as our primary goods generating common values again...

“Cement Bag” (eco-friendly leather version) is made up of an eco-friendly leather and is meant to be the milestone of a new nonconformist message for new urban requalification inspired by respect for animals and environmental sustainability.


Removable eco-friendly leather covering or
Removable cellulose fabric covering (upon request)
Padding through Styrofoam balls


Length 120 cm - Width 80 cm - Height 25 cm

Design by

Alessandra Taravacci

Produced by