Cartonetwork KPMG
“Please have a seat, we will take care of the rest”
The inspiration of this project comes from a combination of terms and ironic situations: KPMG is a “global network”, the seat is made in “carton (board)”, work means also “made of”. For these reasons, I named it in the ironic cartoNETwork. The suffix “NE” brings together the different words.
“Please have a seat, we will take care of the rest” printed on the external bag: KPMG offers services and its customers entrust responsibilities that they normally do not do themselves. This means that costumers can mentally “relax” and metaphorically “have a seat”, since somebody else will take care of the service.
Choice of the material: KPMG sustains an eco-friendly message. The product is fully green. Moreover, it is warm to the touch, ultra-lightweight, low-cost and trendy.
Picture of the Baroque stool: the idea is provocative. I “emptied” the appearance and stylistic concept with the use of a simple shape and simple material, but “recalled” the luxurious Baroque style. Also, KPMG customers are VIPs who deserve a “luxurious” service…


Stool: Width 34 cm - Depth 34 cm - Height 43 cm
Bag: 86 cm x 2,5 cm x 75 cm


Recycled cardboard
It is suitable for indoor use only
Weight stool with its bag: 1,9 kg ca

Design by

Alessandra Taravacci

Produced by

Cut System Design (Milano Italia)