Sit on an old cork oak
“Accettalo” is an Italian word, which has two different meanings: “Accept it” and “Cut it”. ``Accettalo``: sit on an old cork oak...
``Accettalo`` is a multifunctional pouf: when closed, is used as a comfortable seat or as useful footstool.
When it is opened, ``Accettalo`` takes the characteristics of a pouf suitable for an informal sit. Piling it with others, ``Accettalo`` becomes the only oak accepted at home.


Cork fabric and eco-friendly printed fibre
Padding made with eco-friendly material
It is suitable for indoor use only


Diameter 50 cm
Height 40 cm

Shall we play?

Click on the QR code at the bottom of the page: you will find a series of drawings made by children whose theme is the protection of nature and environment, whose protagonist is a tree.
Through the drawings, they tell a story (very simple and endless) which aims to ``unify`` virtually all the children who made them.
A sort of ``tree of life`` that, through the simple gesture of a drawing puts in close relationship nature with the human being.

Design by

Alessandra Taravacci

Produced by


a-TA Design